Frequently Asked Questions

Before using our Market, we encourage all users to have a look into the FAQ section. Here we try to answer the most common questions that users might have while using our Market. It is also a knowledgebase about Dark Web Market.

What cryptocurrencies can I use here?

We strongly support the usage of BITCOIN. Other Cryptocurrencies we support are; USDT, Monero, Ethereum, BNB and Dogecoin.

Will you add X crypto as a payment option?

As Community-Driven Market, we carryout a voting system, after we get enough requests to make one. The outcome depends on the needs of our users.

Do you have regular wallets that I can top up like on other markets?

Yes. After many requests from our community we have enabled on site wallets which can be solely used for purchasing and selling purposes.

What is a Direct Payment System?

Direct Payment is a system created to minimize the risk of losing funds for all our Buyers. Instead of an old fashioned wallet approach, where the user sends funds to the Market and then makes a purchase, we have decided for a change.

How does it work?

While a user creates an order, we generate a unique payment address (Bitcoin, USDT, Monero, Ethereum, BNB and Dogecoin). The user transfers funds to the given address. After order completion, buyer gets item immediately. One thing to remember is: Simple Escrow is a way much better system than the conventional wallet system.

What if I pay for a purchase, and the money is not enough, or too much?

If you send not enough funds, then you can still send the remaining amount. You cannot do more than four transactions for one purchase. Please keep in mind that every single transfer will require the minimum confirmations (depending on the chosen currency). If you send too much, we will refund the difference to your wallet once the order is finalized. Keep in mind that you will be asked to provide your wallet address to receive overpaid refund if the case arises.

What if I send the funds but they will not meet the 24h payment window?

If you sent the transfer with low fee and your funds will be confirmed 24h after you make an order, the refund will be issued to your wallet. In this case you will not be able to see the order any more. Just keep watching your coin ledger to see if refund is already here. This is automated process so there is no need to notify administration about that.

How does the Dispute system work?

SIMPLE. Buyer, while pressing the Dispute button, cancels all automation. From that time, we have a communication system ready for both sides. The administration is aware of every dispute and has access to the communication with the Buyer. If both parties cannot agree, Admin decides which side is a winning side. The buyer can also close and finalize the Dispute unassisted, anytime while it is open. The Market is reliable for the quality of all items. If the Buyer got purchased item but is not happy about the quality, the fair is to cancel the order and refund the buyer.

I have not received my item, what can I do?

If your order auto-finalize time comes to an end and you still have not received your item, you can extend your auto-finalize timer. Depending on type of your item, extension time can be different. The physical items can be extended up to 14 days, digital ones up to 4 days. If you still did not get your item and you have no more extension time then you have to dispute the order. This way system stops the counter and waits for the admin’s response or your action. You can either send the message to the admin or finalize the order if your delivery arrived by that time.

How much time do I have for X action on the site?

Below you can find the timetable of allowed timeframes for most of the purchase actions.

Item type

Order status

Required action

Expected timeframe

Outcome if failed to meet the timeframe

Physical / Digital

Waiting for payment

Payment for the purchase

24 hours

Order is canceled


Waiting for shipping

Item shipment

72 hours

Order is canceled and refunded


Waiting for shipping

Item shipment – in order’s conversation

48 hours

Order is canceled and refunded



Finalize or Dispute

7 days

Order is mark as done, the Vendor gets payout



Finalize or Dispute

48 hours

Order is mark as done, the Vendor gets payout

Physical / Digital


Leave or edit feedback

31 days

No feedback left

Are they any prohibited items you sell?

Yes. We do not sell any child pornography or any resources that might lead to it. Also, any items connected to humans or their parts are prohibited. We do not sell Fentanyl or any other poison. We do not sell guns, explosives, or any items which may lead to any terroristic actions. Any kind of “transfers” between money related accounts like PayPal, Western Union etc are prohibited. All kind of topupable credit cards, prepaid credit cards are prohibited. If you feel that some item is not allowed, but it is actively listed, use the Report button, and we will review it.

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