Funds & Security

Funds & Security on Dark Web Market

Supported cryptocurrencies

We support four cryptocurrencies at the moment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and Dogecoin.

Buyer will be asked to provide his/her wallet address in case of any refund for any order, we send the funds to the given address directly.


How we manage security on the site

Security over our market is our top priority. We have spent an enormous amount of time to make sure that our environment is safe to use.

First of all, we encourage all Buyers to use BITCOIN. While Bitcoin is still the most popular cryptocurrency, it is also an anonymous one. That is why we actively promote BITCOIN, which is the best solution to keep the transactions anonymous.

We are aware that most users now use Bitcoin. That is why we have decided to make it as secure and straightforward as possible.


Also, we decide to remove as much information from the transactions on the site as possible. We do not provide any detailed time of operations and actions taken by Buyers. All timestamps are removed from the site to avoid any attempts of profiling our users.

Because we respect every right for data removal, we implemented the “soft deleting” of accounts on request. If a Buyer decides to leave the market, all we need is a request for account closure via the support system. All data associated with account will be safely deleted. The only one thing which will be left is the username – this will prevent opening new accounts under the same name.

After a particular time, we delete all the completed orders from history. That includes all the conversation attached to the order (like dispute, auto-delivery, digital items), so please make sure to save any needed data from your purchase.

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