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How To Buy On Dark Web Market

Start shopping with Ease.

Buying on Dark Web Market is very simple. You can choose between regular, reloadable on site wallet or you can use direct payment system, which is nothing more than paying for the order on checkout, instead of sending money on market’s wallet in advance.

Find your Item.
First of all, look for an item you want to buy. Keep in mind that we have two item views available: grid view or list view. You can easily switch your view with two buttons:
You can also use our advanced search option to find the item, you are interested in. Also you can filter and sort your current results, just click the filter icon:
After you do so, you can easily filter and sort your current results, to match your needs as much as possible.

Making your first Purchase.
If you have found the item you want to purchase, just click on the item’s picture (if you use grid view mode) or item’s title (if you use list view mode). Both actions will take you to the item details. If you use list view mode, you can click Buy Now button to skip watching item details and go straight to the purchase. If you are on the item details list, just click Buy button.
Before you can place an order, you have to approve item’s refund policy. Every refund policy has it’s own Refund Ratio set. It means that you will get certain percentage of the purchase value back, if refund will take place. In certain situations you might still get 100% refund, but this fully depends on admin’s decision.
After initiating your purchase, you will be redirected to your order summary. This is the part when you have to choose which way you want to pay for your purchase. Depending on the Item preferences you will be able to choose between Bitcoin(recommended), Ethereum, BNB and Dogecoin. If you hold enough funds on your on site wallet, you will be able to pay from your balance with clearly marked buttons for those type of payments. For physical items you have to choose quantity and shipping method.

Finalize Early.
You may notice that some of the items have Finalize Early option enabled. We will show you a proper notice if your purchase is Finalize Early enabled. Some of the items might have Optional Finalize Early, which means that the buyer has a choice to enable or disable this option during purchase. Other option is Required Finalize Early which means that the buyer cannot disable it during purchase. Please refer to FAQ for more info about Finalize Early feature.

Set refund Address.
You will be asked to provide us a refund address when a case of an actual refund arises. If your order will be canceled or refunded, we will ask you to provide refund address at that time. If you pay using on site wallet, the refund is sent back to this wallet.

Delivery Details.
When you purchase physical item with manual delivery, you have to provide shipping details to us. This is the place to enter those details and any other information you find useful to fulfill your order.
Now just click PLACE ORDER. Remember that this is not the final stage yet. Now you are redirected to the order review where you can check if all the details are fine, edit them if needed or cancel your order.

Paying for the Order.
Paying with the on site wallet.
If you hold enough funds on your on site wallet (to cover the purchase), the system will display your Onsite Wallet payment buttons which you can use for paying. All you have to do is to choose from which balance you want the funds to be taken from and confirm your order.

Paying with Direct Payment.
First, choose cryptocurrency you want to use. Then you should get the payment address in the payment message.
The market will allow 4 transaction maximum per one purchase. It means that you can pay for one purchase with up to 4 transactions. We do not recommend to make more than one transaction per purchase, for security reasons. If you fail to pay the required amount in 4 transactions, order will be canceled and funds will be automatically refunded to you.
After you pay for the order, the Payment Details section will refresh itself and let you proceed further, then you can download your items immediately for DIGITAL ITEMS. You can also easily close the page and come back to it any time you want. You will find this purchase in your order list.

Payment Discounts.
Make sure to check all available payment systems. We can define discounts for each cryptocurrency and you will see this information on each payment button (only if discount is enabled).

Post order Process.
Now, you will be redirected to your actual order page. This is the place where you can track order’s status, receive auto-delivery item, open dispute or just talk to the administration. Depending on the purchased item type, there are different timeframes for buyers, you can check full breakdown in FAQ section.
After your order is completed, you have two options – to dispute or to finalize your order.

Finalizing Order.
When you use Simple Escrow, the only thing you need to do is to hit Finalize button. After that it is nice to give detailed review of the item and leave feedback. You have 30 days to do that or to edit your feedback.
If your order had Finalize Early enabled, you will be able either to dispute or to mark your order as completed and leave the feedback.

Extending Auto-Finalize.
Every kind of an item has their own auto-finalize time. If your order still have not arrived, you can extend the auto-finalize timer up to 4 days (for Digital Items) or 14 days (Physical Items).

Disputing Order.
If you are unhappy with the order, you can dispute it. Disputing order is also the only way to stop auto-finalize process counter if you are our of extension days. Feel free to open dispute if you still have not received your order (physical items). Before you begin the dispute, it is good to communicate with us. It can be done on your order page in order messages.
When you open the dispute, administration is also aware of that and can step in any time they find it necessary. During the whole dispute process you still have an option to close the dispute and finalize the order.
If there is no agreement, administration have a power to decide what to do with the order. There are few possible outcomes:
· Close the dispute with no blame – funds are sent back to the buyer and no one is loosing the dispute.
· Close the dispute, dispute lost – funds are sent back to the buyer but admin penalizes buyer, by increasing the number of lost disputes.
· Finalize order – funds are released to the admin, with no penalties for any party.
· Finalize order, dispute lost – funds are released to the admin and admin penalizes buyer, by increasing the number of lost disputes.
· Split Refund – funds are split between Buyer and Admin, in respect with item’s refund policy, with no penalties for any party.
For Finalize Early orders, administration have all the power to issue the refund, as funds were already released to the Admin. Dispute for Finalize Early order is just a communication between buyer and Admin. The only outcome of that is feedback left by buyer.

Refund – Simple Escrow and on site wallet
There are few possible scenarios when it comes to the refund:
· Direct Payment with no wallet enabled – if buyer had no wallet enabled during the purchase, refund will be issued to the external address. Once order is in the refund status – buyer has to provide his refund address on the order page.
· Direct Payment with wallet enabled – if buyer had wallet enabled during the purchase, refund will be issued to the onsite wallet.
· Onsite Wallet Payments – those payments are always refunded to the onsite wallet.

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