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[LEGIT CONTACT]: Chat ONLY the developers on WhatsApp to buy this Software and Activation Code: +1 (771) 218 – 1726 OR TELEGRAM: @lazarusgroupvendor

[ALERT]: To purchase this software and activate it, you need to contact ONLY the developers on WhatsApp at +1(771) 218 – 1726 OR TELEGRAM: @lazarusgroupvendor. Anyone else claiming to sell this Software or its Activation Code is purely a Scam, do not to be deceived. The developers work independently, so don’t fall for any vendor, Website or Entity claiming to be partners with the Developers.…BEWARE!


With this upgraded version of the Flash Funds Pro V9.0, you can easily send fake bank alerts to any bank account anywhere in the world without hesitation. Flash Funds Pro V9.0 sends fake bank alerts to any bank account anywhere in the world instantly.

It’s easy to use and you’ll have access to daily unlimited flashing. With this tool, you can flash as many times as you wish, daily unlimited flashing, up to 100 billion per transaction, the funds remain in the account for 37 days, your IP is anonymously embedded with no trace back to you.

The tool makes sending fake bank alerts easier and more affordable, eliminating the need to search for external templates. Clients receive their exact bank alert, and their bank account balance is also automatically updated. Also, the alert automatically Reflects in both the Available Balance and Ledger balance of the Client, but after the 37 days, their balance goes back to normal.

THE BEST PART; The funds are WITHDRAWABLE AND TRANSFERABLE, i.e within the 37 days, you can Withdraw or Transfer the funds. Additionally, if you have the right Bank links/connects, you can Withdraw OR Transfer very Huge Amounts after Flashing.

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